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PC Inspector File Recovery Latest version 4.0

PC Inspector File Recovery
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PC Inspector File Recovery 4.0
You turn on your PC one morning, still rubbing the sleep from your eyes and sipping on your coffee when the screen stays stubbornly blank. This is probably everyone’s worst nightmare. Despite feverishly trying to restart - the brain comes on but no-one’s home. Thankfully, PC Inspector File Recovery will help you recapture all your vanished and damaged data. It’s not the first in this genre and it fulfils many of the same objectives as packages such as TestDisk. However, this application will do it all for no financial gain. Principally intended to save a backup of your hard disc in case of emergencies or catastrophes, PC Inspector File Recovery can also identify partitions even when the header has gone astray. Of course, if your hardware is damaged, you will need to seek technical assistance, but if it’s anything to do with your data, PC Inspector File Recovery is the answer.

Software Review

Locates, recovers and structures your files and information

Universal by way of the wide range of disc formats it is capable of working with, PC Inspector File Recovery will not only restore the files but also return them to the file structures that existed previously, making them easier to locate. This application is free but capable of restoring literally hundreds of gigabytes. Its rivals are languishing in the slip stream, struggling to identity even 100 files and then throwing them back in with little care for their original locations. A smart piece of software, PC Inspector File Recovery can locate partitions even when the boot sector has corrupted or deleted. Every file recovered through this system retains its original time and date stamp and the application even has the capacity to retrieve files that have been shared with others through a network. Don’t expect PC Inspector File Recovery to do anything more than what it states, however. This software does not include a virus scan so can’t assist you in identifying or removing any threats that might have caused your device’s collapse in the first place. However, if it really was just gremlins in the system, then PC Inspector File Recovery will help get all your information back safe and sound.


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